Project Initiation Phase

Our work includes a complete site investigation to understand the existing building and the impact of the new construction on the site. Coordinating with other members of the design team, system concepts will be developed to establish budget and provide for the necessary services. Sketch plans and system descriptions shall be provided at the end of this phase.
We usually assign two team to review the site in preparing preliminary drawings for the building. This will occur after our kick-off meeting with client’s staff.
The intent (for renovation projects) is to produce our conceptual design for presentation based on our detail review of existing building conditions. Our senior staff will be directing these two teams during their investigation. We believe it is essential to ensure commissioning a gentis also involved in this early stage of design work.This will help them to get to know the building and limitations present.
During this time, we will be meeting building operation,as required, to complete our work and establish criteria for the design.

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