Conceptual Design Phase

Our findings will be documented in a Design Based Memorandum (DBM), where the overall design strategy for the buildings will be captured. This report will also include preliminary cost estimate, detailed scope of work, sketch plans and preliminary control drawings.
In DBM we address the

  1. design intent,
  2. design parameters and
  3. the methods that will be implemented in order to address the design requirements.

The DBM with supporting drawings/documentation will be circulated to the project stakeholders for review and comment at regular intervals, in order to confirm that BMI is meeting the clients project requirements.
For larger size projects, especially new constructions, having few pre-design meetings with client is necessary. After we issue the DBM report, we attend the meetings and during the meetings we discuss the design options, and brainstorming for finding creative solutions for existing problems. For number of projects, we have successfully set up few brainstorming sessions which we found it very beneficial and helpful.

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