Detailed Design Phase

During this stage, contract documents will be completed based on the approved DBM. Documents and drawings presented at the CD stage will be progressed for completion. Our review team will revisit the site if necessary, to complete the drawings. Details such as existing architectural conditions and detailed room numbers will be added to the document. In our experience time spent at this phase of the project is time well spent and will help the contractor to price the job correctly and be aware of the building existing conditions.
At this stage, we will also develop construction methodology in consultation with the Client’s staff, as well as the commissioning team, if available. One example will be to determine the scope of afterhours work. one of the main issues that has to be dealt with,is the fact that in some projects, due to type & importance of continuous operation requirement of the building, the building will be occupied during renovations, therefore it is expected that some of the construction work have to be done at night or during weekends.
During the course of construction document, we prepare and issue design progress drawings in three to four stages, usually 50%, 75%, and 100% for client review and comments. These issuances are to ensure client is aware of design progress, and their satisfaction is made. Client’s comments then incorporated to the design drawing.
During this stage we will well-coordinate with client’s commissioning agent, and send them a copy of progress drawings in all 50%, 75%, and 100% stages, when we send to client as well, so that their comments are also considered during course of finalizing drawings. 
Due to variety and number of projects that we have done in our length of engineering practices, we have gained good knowledge of projects costs and budget estimations, which we can be performed for smaller projects. However, for larger projects, we usually retain services of a cost consultant in two stages of 50% and 100% (or 99%) progress to ensure project is to be aligned with the approved construction budget.
The intent is that 99% construction set,including Design Drawings and specifications to be issued one week in advance of the tender date, for final review and sign-off.
We will respond to any issues raised by purchasing department to complete the front end of the document.

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