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This project was designed by Mr. Bijan Homayouni, as a project leader when he was employed in his previous employer.

The scope of work in this building was to upgrade the Heating & Cooling Plant as follows:
1- Demolish and remove entire boiler room
2- Install two new hot water boiler, primary and secondary loops and associated pumps
3- Two new domestic hot water heaters
4- Replace existing chiller
5- Remove and install two new VFD cooling towers and associated VFD pumps
6- Upgrade Building Automation System


The fast-paced changing of technologies and stringent codes, forces innovation in our electrical design decisions. We have impressive experience in a wide range of projects from administration to pharmaceutical and high-profile projects. This experience allows for a high degree of creativity in our electrical designs with a balance between the correct uses of the ever-changing technologies, cost, and customer experience as it relates to aesthetics.


Our Mechanical Discipline has built a reputation for mechanical, plumbing, and automatic control system designs that provide comfortable, energy efficient and healthy interior environments. This has become increasingly important to clients, whether their project is improving an existing facility or constructing a new facility.