Category: Mechanical

Project Type: Commercials

Our Mechanical Discipline has built a reputation for mechanical, plumbing, and automatic control system designs that provide comfortable, energy efficient and healthy interior environments. This has become increasingly important to clients, whether their project is improving an existing facility or constructing a new facility. 
We offer a full range of mechanical services, from building automation systems to HVAC to fire protection to comply with Ontario Building Code, ASHRAE, and NFPA. Our plumbing designs integrate water and energy conservation philosophies while making sure each system, operates at its full potential. Whether you are a new facility or renovating an existing one, we have the mechanical services you need to increase comfort, make it more efficient with having a goal for a more profitable building.
Our extensive experience has been developed on numerous institutional, educational, commercial, and municipal projects.
Our expertise includes the followings:
• Heating & Air Conditioning System design
• Building Heating and Cooling Load Calculations
• Plumbing design, Domestic Hot &Cold-Water Systems
• Storm Sewer System, Sanitary Sewer System,
• Heating boiler plants
• Central chilled water plant
• Heat Recovery
• Fire Protection Systems; standpipe and sprinkler system,
• Gaseous fire suppression systems
• Kitchen Design
• Swimming Pool Water Filtration Systems
• Building services Feasibility Study
• Building Energy Calculation
• Building Automation Control system (BAS)
• Smoke Management System
• Medical Gas Systems